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With passionate national spirit andas the origin of economic growth in Korea,

Daegu has displayed the power of a history of 5,000 years.
With unique passion and a young spirit, Daegu goes beyond Korea and soars as a city the world focuses on.
Healing, feeling, oh, my darling, Daegu!

Daegu is a healing city everyone dreams of. It takes a leap as an environmental-friendly city.

As a central city of the Yeongnam area and with abundant nature, Daegu is a city where history, culture and art are in harmony.

It is a place where tradition and a cutting edge future meet.

Nakdonggang, the lifeline of Yeongnam and Geumhogang,the lifeline of Daegu, flow over the Dalgubeol plain. Mt. Palgongsan provides rest to the residents and Mt. Biseulsan picturesquely stands near the city.Sincheon which is an ecological stream and a park
with thick trees provide a pleasant environment for the residents in the city.

Spring is a heavenly garden, summer is full of passion, fall is charming and winter is romantic.It is a green city you want to live in all year round.
That is what healing city, Daegu, is like.
Daegu is a city that satisfies the five senses! See, feel and enjoy.
It is a feeling city to enjoy the flavors and charm of life.

The alley culture is developed in Daegu.
The entire city is a stage for culture and art.
The Colorful Daegu Festival, Daegu International Musical
Festival, Daegu International Opera Festival, etc.
There are culture and art festivals all year round.
Everyone can enjoy festivals in Daegu and a theme park in the city provides pleasure.
The Samsung Lions won the Korean Series for three consecutive years.
The infrastructure for sports and leisure makes Daegu and sensitive, dynamic and young city.
There are food streets and food towns that offer the ten flavors of Daegu.
Once you try it, you will never forget it.
The flavors of Daegu add leisure to life.

Enjoy and feel! Feeling city, Daegu.
With Daegu, the world is a happier place and so is the future.

As the center of the traditional textile industry,Daegu led the economy of Korea.
It takes a new leap as a city of knowledge-based creative economy.

With the world’s greatest convergence research institute, the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in the lead, the Daegu National Industrial Complex which will change the industrial map of Daegu and the center of state-of-the-art technology,
Daegu Technolopolis are the advance bases for Daegu to become a global economic city.

In addition to that, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster is wings for Medivalley to soar.
Daegu has a reputation as a city of education.
It is enhancing competitiveness in global education by nurturing talented human resources.

Daegu has successfully hosted the World Energy Congress, and will be hosting the 2015 World Water Forum and World Skills Competition.

Through these international events, Daegu is creating a new brand value for the city.
An environmental-friendly city, a city of festivals that satisfies the five senses and a city being born again as a cutting edge science city.

A city you want to live in, a city you want to visit.
Daegu is becoming a world-class city.

Amidst a wave of hope,
Daegu continued to grow and advance.
It is taking another huge step.

Healing, feeling, oh, my darling, Daegu!


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